What Type of Business Card Did Patrick Bateman Have?

Surely one of the most talked about scenes from a film, The business card scene from American psycho is still used as a reference point, it is no surprise that people would still look for card printing service providers and jokingly say that they want an exact copy of Patrick Bateman or Paul Allen’s card and this shouldn’t be a surprise as the film was a massive hit and the scene itself is really iconic, if you want to get similar cards with great quality and you’re living in Denver then you should get in touch with Metal Kards, it is better for you to get in touch with this particular service provider because they get you exactly what you are looking for while others are just bad copies of it.

Metal Kards

The iconic scene tells us all about the business card itself, Patrick Bateman passionately explains what the card is hoping to get all the attention, according to him his card is printed on Bone colored paper and fictional typeface is called a Silian Rail and he boastfully places it on the table hoping everyone would be in awe of it, well actually the business card is pretty decent and gives a clean look which is very sought after as well, the experts who have reviewed the card call it a Garmando Classic SC and if you have any reliable service provider in your contact then you can also get the iconic card.

Because it is an old design which is not followed a lot anymore but the best service providers are always striving hard to provide something extra to their customers and reputable card printing service providers would have this classic design as an option and you can own a Patrick Bateman type business card for sure.